Friday, February 12, 2010

Just-(In)-Other Dumb Blonde

Remember that song "Another Dumb Blonde" by Hoku? I loved it. I still love it. Today I experienced it when Justin, my bestie and co-worker at the Arts Council 'outed' himself as a member of the dumb blonde club. We were having a pre-Valentine's Day party and he was in charge of ordering the pizza for lunch. Trying to show off his executive assistant skills, he opted to place the order on-line. We even tracked it. Someone named Diane put 3 pizzas for us in the oven at 11:36 a.m. Justin went to pick them up, but when he got there Pizza Hut didn't have record of our order. They claimed they were having 'internet issues.' (Been there, done that!) Anyway, they offered 20% off the order and still made it for us. Justin returned with yummy pizza and The Office was happy again. That is, until Justin gets an e-mail from Domino's asking him when he's going to pick up his order. Ha! ha! Ha! I was laughing out. loud. when he admitted this experience brought him out of the closet and into the world of another dumb blonde. You go, girl! I mean, you go, guy! Hoku would be proud. That's alright, that's okay, we loved the pizza anyway!

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