Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween...Part One!

Searching for a costume this year was not a priority for me. Usually we think of something simple that can be pulled together without much effort, and yet, comes off looking fabulous. Eli wanted to be Darth Vader, but when we went looking for a costume, the force was not with us. I tried to follow Yoda's advice. "Try. Try Not? Do. Or do not. There is no try." Well, I tried. I tried really hard, but every store in town was cleared out of Star Wars anything. While sorting through the racks at Walmart, everyone's favorite Halloween headquarters, he came across this pseudo-leather jacket, reminiscent of Mutt Williams (Shia LeBeauf) in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull. It became his number one choice, partly because it didn't require much effort to put on, and as Eli reasoned, "Of course, I'll need the cool Mutt Williams sword and switchblade accessories to make it just right." I caved, and moments later, my son became a sword and switchblade wielding movie-hero-wannabe from the summer's biggest blockbuster. (Okay, that would've been THE DARK KNIGHT but we have already done the Batman thing in years past) Here comes the part that clinched it for me. Without skipping a beat, he also commented, "Too bad dad isn't here for trick-or-treating." (Wood Badge Scout training for a week!) "If he was, he would go as Indiana Jones and I would be Mutt Williams. Just like in the movie. Indiana Jones was the dad and Mutt was the son." I thought about wearing Phillip's Indiana Jones hat and jacket and trying to play substitute dad, but knew it wouldn't be the same. Not to mention, the hat is with the husband at Wood Badge. So rather than do, I decided to do not. Sorry, Yoda!


Judy said...

Love the costume. Too bad Phil wasn't there to complete the set. We saw lots of Star Wars characters around our neighborhood too.

whitty said...

Does he have to have a weapon every year for Halloween? Last year, a light saber, this year a sword.