Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween...Part Two.

Trick or treating is over. Eli has arrived home with a bucket full of candy. The weather was beautiful. I sat on my porch and handed out treats without even wearing a coat. It was the kind of fall evening that you wish would never end. And before the night was through, it did, indeed, feel like the night that WOULD never end. Since Phillip was gone, and Cassidy was at a party, I had grand plans of turning off all of the lights when we ran out of candy, and watching a movie in the basement while Eli invoked on his 'sugar-high' adventure. Sadly, he didn't quite grasp the concept of, "We are OUT OF CANDY! DO NOT (Yoda reference) answer that door!" Whatever. He found that when people rang the bell, it was great fun to open the door, yell "BOO!" and slam the door again. I spent another 45 minutes coming upstairs every 5 minutes to apologize for his holiday rudeness. By the time that settled down, I was SO READY for an evening with my boys from OCEAN'S ELEVEN. ( I know, not scary, but such a fine guilty pleasure. Besides, Whitney is in Vegas right now at a writing conference and had just visited the lovely Bellagio fountains the night before so it was kind of a channeling/bonding moment with her!) George Clooney has barely left the joint to meet up with Brad Pitt when Eli starts crying..."My tooth, my tooth. It's jabbing into my gums. Ow! Ow! Ow!" You get the picture. Well, sure enough, his dead tooth which he practically knocked out on the Winco floor five years ago had finally become loose and gained feeling in the nerves. For the next 30 minutes, he alternated with wiggling it with his tongue, and screaming, "Ow! Ow! Ow!" (He is my son...low tolerance for pain!) Eventually, about the time Brad and the boys were trying to knock out the power all over Vegas, he pulled the tooth! Hooray. Our evening can quiet down now and I can finish this show. Except, I was so tired by now, that I fell asleep. I might have stayed in that blissful state, except that my phone started singing the Indiana Jones theme. Just one of Cassidy's friends, calling me from Walmart to tell me they had wii-fit. (Note to friend: If you really loved me like I think you do, you would've just bought it for me! JK!) Luckily, the phone call came right as the men were basking in the beauty of the fountains while Claire de Lune played in the background, so I was able to see my favorite part of the movie. Thanks, Cody! About this time Cassidy texts from her party to say the movie is running late, can she stay past curfew? Sure. Just be home soon, and drive safely. By the time I hit 'send' on my text reply, Eli is again screaming bloody murder, "I'm shocked! I'm shocked!" Apparently he had tried to plug in the charger for his DS and got a little jolt of electricity, which I had to spend the next 45 minutes explaining to him the difference between a small jolt and death by electrocution. By the way he was screaming, you would have thought he experienced the latter, not the sooner. He was only asleep about 5 minutes when Cassidy came zipping through the door. We talked for awhile and then she went to bed. I stayed up a little longer, going over the day and reminding myself (thank goodness!) that Halloween comes but once a year, and even with all the weirdness it brings, I would miss it if it wasn't here!


Sandy said...

Your Halloween was much more exciting than ours! We just stayed inside and relaxed! It's so weird to have no kids around!

Judy said...

Glad it was nice weather for ya. 80's here. We had to keep Breagan away from the door also. It is crazy here. If we answered the door with no candy I don't even want to know what would happen. The parents are just as horrible. You should see how trashed our neighborhood is.
Dead front tooth. We have a bruised front tooth on Breagan. Glad it finally fell out for Eli! Extra from the tooth fairy I guess! Hopefully you got some good sleep last night with the extra hour.

polly ward said...

I would love to hear about London and Chicago. I want to know how WICKED was. I want to know where the cat and Eli's teeth are. Love, Pollywog