Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The new's all 'relative'

A few days ago while we were waiting for Cassidy, Eli told me that he had to take a math test on the computer to determine his accelerated math level. I asked him what was on the test. Our conversation follows:

Eli: "Well, first it asked us to identify math plus signs, minus sign, multiplication and division signs, and those dots called 'decimal points.' Then we had to do some easy adding and subtracting stuff.

Joy: "So, how do you think you did?"
Eli: "Okay, I guess, except one of the problems was kind of different. It said to write a hard math problem."
Joy: "Really? What hard math problem did you write?" ( I'm thinking some imaginary 2,0000 + 17 -45 = ir something like that)

Eli: "I wrote e=mc2." Joy: (gasping) "You wrote e=mc2? What did the computer say?"
Eli: "It told me that one was too hard and to try again, so I did. I wrote 10 divided by 10 equals one. Then it let me finish the test."

What AM I going to do with this boy?

(Photo courtesy of Phillip and my cousin Weston...they climbed on Einstein's head while we were in D.C. I wonder if Eli's head will ever be a statue for tourists to climb on?)


Karalee said...

Oh! I LOVE boys like this:) Good luck keeping him challenged! Ha.

Judy said...

Ok now that is funny. You have your hands full. But you all can keep up with him so that helps.

Cody said...

I'm glad to see that I've had such an influence on him.

KJ said...

hee hee hee. scary smart, this kid. so maybe he'll be a nobel prize winner. or a serial killer. either way he'll be famous. probably not what you wanted to hear. But we like him just the way he is!