Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Dance...Last Chance... wear a big dress to a high school dance. Last chance to stand on these stairs while mom takes just one last picture! Cassidy's Commencement Dance was Saturday Night. Here she is with her strikingly handsome date Mark. We call him Johnny Tsunami because he reminds us of a Hawaiian surfer in a Disney movie. They are good friends and make each other laugh. They love going to Chukar games and drinking Sonic milkshakes. Going to the last dance with Mark was a dream come true for Cassidy, so I guess now we can also call him "Knight in Shining Armor".

It's weird that I am done buying prom dresses. This was the biggest one yet. I have to admit, it was just the right one for Cassidy. Her color, her style. Again, another dream come true. It was quite the night!

Cassidy's BFF Cody took another one of Cassidy's BFF's, Mallory, so it was the perfect group. Earlier in the day they did bowling and ice cream, then went home to spruce up(boys) and beautify (girls). I think they look FAB-U-LOUS! We laughed about the girls' dresses. Cassidy's color was called 'punch' and Mallory's was 'mint julep'. Perhaps it was foreshadowing as to what they would be drinking later in the senior toast. NOT!

This picture makes us laugh! It's pretty tricky stuffing a poofy dress inside a tw0-door car but we managed. They headed off to take pictures at Mark's house, dinner at Applebee's, a walk around the temple, and then to dance the night away. Remember those ridiculous themes from your high school proms? I think my Senior Ball was "Somewhere in the Night" (Barry Manilow song that does nothing for me now, but probably did everything for me in 1980!) The theme of Cassidy's dance was "The Depths of Forever" with an undersea-decoration theme and lots of fog everywhere. Doesn't it make you miss high school for about, oh, 10 seconds?
The famous Skyline High Senior toast...complete with monogrammed glass and flat sprite. Poor Mallory didn't get one since she was from another school. I hope that doesn't mar her memories of one A-MA-ZING evening! Dessert at Cody's afterwards and then the ball was over. Cinderella made it home well past midnight, but before the curfew specified by the not-so-wicked REAL parents. The Knight in Shining Armor drove off into the night in his brown stallion, and Cinderella came home wearing BOTH of her slippers! Her eyes were sparkling, her smile was bright, and of course, we stayed up talking for the rest of the night! Her last dance couldn't have been more perfect. Afterall, happy is what happens when your dreams come true!


Mrs. B said...

Have you ever thought of writing a book? You should.

Karalee said...

She looks lovely. And it made me miss High School for about SIX seconds, not ten. Hee.