Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Marshmallow World...

Take one seven year old boy. Help him build a fire. Give him a stick. Stir up the fire. Create some smoke amongst the flames.
Stir it up a little more. Place a marshmallow on the stick. Start to roast it. Catch a few on fire to see how long it takes a marshmallow to melt.

Remove stick and marshmallow from fire. Find some graham crackers. Find some chocolate bars.(We prefer Hershey-brand ONLY)
Layer cracker. marshmallow. candy bar. cracker. You have now invented a delicious, hot schmoe. Try eating your creation without hands. If that doesn't work, use your hand to stretch the marshmallow part as far away from your face as you can. After the last sticky bite, repeat entire process. Again. And again. And again!


Emily said...

Nice Toy Story 2 reference. That was fun to see you. Looking forward to more hanging out.

Judy said...

isn't that what summer time is about nice hot schmoes and being a boy eating them however you want and flamin marshmallows!