Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams and Pharmaceutical Things

Lately I don't sleep so well. I have no trouble falling asleep, but then I wake up numerous times, tossing and turning, never fully reaching a state of nirvana. It could be that I gave up Coke and ice cream. It could be that one daughter is embarking on a new adventure and the other is soon to follow with a new adventure as well. It could be that it is 100-plus degrees in our room at night. It could be that there are just too many great re-run episodes of late-night tv. Whatever the reason, I came across a commercial for Ambien around 1 a.m. that struck me as slightly oxy-moronic, to say the least. (Note to readers: Do NOT continue to read if you are a big fan of Ambien. STOP HERE...I repeat. STOP HERE!) Here is a drug that is supposed to induce restful, relaxing sleep so that I will wake up ready to start the day with more energy than Miley Cyrus on a particulary good day. It has me interested until the disclaimers start rolling. "May cause confusion, delusions, and hallucinations." I sure don't need a drug to do that for me. I'm already confused and delusional most days (probably due to lack of Coke) and I spend a lot of time hallucinating that I look better in swimwear than I really do. The part that really loses my interest comes next. "In rare cases, the use of this drug may cause swelling of the tongue, throat, and in some instances, even death." WHOA. Stop right there, Becky! If I want a swollen tongue and throat I will eat ice cream until they are frozen. (Well, not really. Not since I gave up ice cream FOR-EV-ER!) If I want to die, well, I guess I could give up Coke AND ice cream at the same time. But for now, all I really want to do is sleep. I guess I'll resort to counting sheep.


Karalee said...

I've had trouble sleeping for about a decade now. I'm sorry it's happening to you....
I've tried everything BUT scares me.
My only advice is not to waste your money on Alteril...that infomercial is seductive as well...but it is NOT effective.
"Count your blessings instead of sheep...and you'll fall asleep..."

Of course if that worked, I'd be getting my beauty sleep and would look 40 instead of 60 right now...Good Luck:)

frontporchfriend said...

I think when I start counting my blessings that's when I sleep the least since my 'blessings' are usually the things I worry about most. I've tried singing hymns in my head, but after going through the hymn book so many times there's not a lot you can do!