Friday, July 24, 2009

"My baby, she wrote me a letter..."

I am happy to admit Whitney's mission blog is up and running. Before you start phoning the mission president that she is disobeying mission rules, don't. I'm managing the blog, not Whitney. For those of you who are interested in hearing how she is doing, this will be a great place for you to read her e-mails. We will keep her address posted, too, so that y'all can write back to her. I wish we could share her letters as well. Her gift of putting words on paper has always been a pleasure and this mission is no exception. That being said, as her mother, I don't think she would want me to spend all of my time re-typing them, editing them for content (that's HER job), and trying to decide what should be shared and what should be kept 'within the family.' You've heard the statement, "we would all have more personal spiritual experiences if we didn't share them with everyone." This would be Whitney's request. Some things are meant to be shared; other things are too sacred to be shared with the blogging world, no matter how small our reader/fan base it. So, in the spirit of wanting you to know how great she is doing, but also honoring her privacy, we will share what she wants, and keep the rest for her to share when she returns. Visit her sight often. You won't be disappointed. It will delight and uplift you and put a smile on your face. Here is the website: Or, you can always just click on her picture on my sidebar and it will magically take you there. Comment if you like. But mostly, ENJOY!

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Karalee said...

What fun to read. I'm so glad you're sharing a bit of her experiences with us!