Saturday, November 14, 2009

They'll Bring the World His Truth

Teenage boys. They liven up our home whenever they visit. They put up with my quirkiness and tolerate Phillip's jokes. They have spent hour upon hour playing with Eli. They have been there to bring a sparkle to Cassidy's eyes, a smile to her lips, and even once in awhile, wipe away a tear or two. However, from the day the boys started walking through our front door, I knew it was inevitable. The time would come when their footsteps would no longer echo across the hardwood floor. Their laughter would be stilled and their smiles would become a mere memory in my minds' eye. The day would come when they would leave behind the world of friends and fun and girls and good times. White envelopes start arriving almost monthly, bearing the words, "You have been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Every time an envelope is opened, we prepare for one more goodbye. These young men are ready to serve. They are willing to go where He wants them to go. They are the best of the best. With Honors. We have been privileged to have them in our home on more than one occassion and I am confident that each and every one of them will be 'the Lord's missionaries, bringing the world His truth." I am grateful each day for the friendship and respect they have shown Cassidy. Her heart breaks a little each time someone says 'farewell'. She knows they are making the right choice. The only choice. She supports them. She also knows she will miss them. We will miss them, too, but are so proud of the journey they are about to embark on. I thank them for the example they are to Eli. He watches every move they make. He wants to be like them. He, too, wants to be a missionary.
Those footsteps are now and soon will be echoing across sidewalks and pavements and dirt roads and hardwood floors in faraway countries and cities across the United States. Their laughter will be ringing in someone else's home and those winning smiles will be spreading the good word of God. They will be teaching in languages new and languages familiar, but they will be teaching with the Spirit and they will all rejoice as they 'bring save it be one soul' into the gospel of Jesus Christ.As two more of the 'best of the best' prepare to depart this week, I wanted to wish them one last 'good-bye and good-luck.' You will be in our prayers always. May God be with you as you go forth to harvest. The field is white and you are ready to serve!

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Karalee said...

You should see my Primary boys sing this brings us to tears every time :)

AND if you don't get my email...THANK YOU for the fabulous CD! Love it!