Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh, My Goodness! Oh,My Goodness!

It's time for Eli's Opening Night Review of Annie. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. He tells it like it is...that is, like it is through the eyes of an 8-year old boy. 1. I laughed when they ripped the head off of the doll. That is SO COOL!
2. When Grace ran into the wall I laughed hysterically. It probably gave her a headache!
3. Easy Street was funny, but dad told me when Rooster and Miss Hannigan looked down to the ground it meant their mother was in (eyes roll here)you-know-where (he points his finger down.) After I explained that it actually meant she was dead and they were referring to her being in 'the grave' he says to me, "Oh, I like it a lot better since it didn't mean she was in hell...oops...I mean you-know-where!"
4. I really got the part where Miss Hannigan is listening to Annie on the radio and says sarcastically, "One day they will make a whole musical about Annie." It's really funny right there because she is in a musical about Annie.
5. At the end when Molly chases Miss Hannigan off stage and comes back on the butler's shoulders that is a good 'special effect.'
6. Not a lot of kissing in this show. That's good. Especially since there's no lip kissing. Except for the butler and Lily at the end. That's okay, though, since they are married, right? They are married because they are Annie's real parents in real life. No one else should lip kiss.
7. The NYC projection scene was really cool. It was like being in a real theater. (I guess I will have to tell him that he was in a REAL theater.)
8. Mom, your name was at the top of the list in the program since you're the producer. Does that mean you are important? You should be, since you've been doing Annie for weeks now. I'm glad they put you at the top.
9. Annie is lucky she got to do such a big part in a big show for her first time ever. She is a good Annie. I hope she gets to do it again sometime.
10. This show was different from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. No women played men parts and no men played women parts. I liked that.
11. Cameron was funny. He has a good radio show voice.
12. The boy with the puppet and the APPLAUSE sign did a good job with his part. Whenever he held up the APPLAUSE sign the audience clapped. I think he is a good actor since people were following his instructions.
13. Was that real popcorn in the movie scene? If it was, why weren't they eating it? 'Cause I was hungry during that scene and I would've eaten that popcorn.
14. When Sandy was dragging the lady maid across the stage at the end, I was cracking up so hard I couldn't stop laughing. She is funny, and so is Sandy.
15. The best song for me was the first one with the orphans. I think it's called Hard Knock Life. It had a catchy beat and they could dance to it. (Shades of RATE A RECORD with Dick Clark here. Maybe Eli can work on American Bandstand if they ever bring it back!)
16. The orphan who kept saying "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" had a good character voice.
17. Does Annie's mom, the one who played Lily, really talk like that in life?
18. It was a very funny show. The people next to us laughed at every funny line, even the ones I didn't get.
19. I'm giving this show 10 stars out of 10 stars. I hope I can go again, but only if there are enough tickets left.
20. Should I give it a thumbs' up, too? Okay. Two. Thumbs. Up. If everyone in the audience would hold up two thumbs that would be a lot of thumbs. Like maybe 1200 thumbs or something like that.
If you haven't seen Annie yet...see it's in The Colonial Theater near you. November 7, 9, and 10th. Be there...TOMORROW!


Gramsie Gail said...

Thanks Joy - I don't feel so far away when I read your blogs. Go ELI! : )

Gramsie Gail said...
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Sandy said...

Sounds like a great production...wish we were closer so we could see it! That's exciting that you produced it... how fun for you! :)

KJ said...

I thought it was great. You should be proud. And Eli's review is spot-on.

Mrs. B said...

I hope I can come up!

Maegan and Joe said...

Wow, you produced Annie? That is so Awesome! The review was a hoot, wish I could see it