Friday, October 16, 2009

Eight Days A Week...

" I looooooooooove you! Eight days a not enough to show I care!"
Today is Eli's birthday! Eight years ago, a not-so-tiny bundle of 9 lb.s 14 oz and almost 24-inches long was placed in my arms. The much-anticipated day had finally arrived, and with Eli's appearance on the Sorensen family scene, things have never been quite the same. He has his sisters mesmerized and hypnotized by his savant personality. They call him 'Mr. E' because he keeps them guessing with what he will amaze them with next. He is his dad's best partner, buddy, and pal. They play ball together, they fish and camp together, they wrestle and tease,and they share a great love for the 'bedtime story'. And as for me, the mom, well, he had me from the first time our eyes met. He is my only boy, but he is also my best boy, my favorite boy, my boy above all others. He tells great knock-knock jokes, gives the best hugs, and lets me win at Dance, Dance Revolution. He is, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.
"One thing I can say, boy, love you all the time."
Today he turns eight. Eight is great! Not only is it the basis for a great hit by the Fab Four, but it's a special birthday that comes with special reponsibilites. My boy will be getting baptized soon. On Halloween. He can't wait. He's ready. He's prepared. He knows which gift this year will be the most important. It wasn't the wii lightsabers, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not even the new scriptures. He reminded me last night, "the best present is's the Holy Ghost!' Ahh. He knows.
"Love you every day boy, got you on my mind."
Eight also brings scouting, the beginning of years and years of pow wows and pack meetings and Pinewood Derbies, merit badges and manhood training. I hope my son is ready to 'do his duty to God and his country, to help other people, and to obey the law of the pack.' With his dad as the Scoutmaster, we anticipate he will be receiving his Eagle in oh, about two weeks. We will get back to you on that.
"I ain't got nothing but love, babe, Eight days a week!"
Happy, Happy Birthday to my one and only Eli. May your eight be great...eight days a week!


Karalee said...

Happy Birthday Eli! He really is one of a kind :) Loved this post!
Eight years ago I was also anxiously awaiting my own little miracle...yay for us!

Mrs. B said...

Happy Birthday handsome Eli! Eight is the BEST of all the birthdays, the one where you get THE gift! Good for him for knowing and good for you for helping him know.

KJ said...

oh eli is such a great boy.

Maegan said...

Wow... Eight already! Happy late birthday Eli! I remember when we used to play the "ready set go game" when I picked up Whitney for school! Fun times! Eight is so grate! Love the blog!