Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clambake...Gonna Have a Clambake...

Everyone who knows me knows I love Elvis movies. There's just something about them that makes me happy. Maybe it's his sly-come-hither stare with those deep blue eyes. Maybe it's his jet black hair. Maybe it's all the cool dancing and great singing. Maybe it's the fact that half of the time they end up on the beach. Guys with surfboards and girls in bikini's. Singing and eating, eating and singing. One of my all time favorites is "Clambake". Great movie, great beach scene, great song with great lyrics:

"Hey listen world you've got to know,
I'm cuttin' loose and lettin' go.
Who need the worry and the strife?
It can be a ball just now following my life."
Clambake, gonna have a clambake. Clambake, gonna have a clambake!"
Look for the brightest lights in town.
That's where you'll find me hangin' round.
I've got this feeling to be free.
I pick and choose the life I want and that's the life for me!
Clambake, gonna have a clambake. Clambake, gonna have a clambake!"
This weekend I came close to living my dream of going to a real clambake. My dad cooked a 'crab boil' especially for me. Crab legs, shrimp, bratwurst, corn on the cob and baby potatoes, all boiled up together in a big aluminum pot. Normally you dump it all out on newspapers, roll up your sleeves, and just dig in. As long as there is plenty of butter to dredge everything in, it's kind of like being in seafood heaven. The food was D.I.V.I.N.E. We had plenty of eating, but no singing. A few other things were also missing from my clambake. No Elvis, with his shy-come-hither stare. No deep blue eyes. No beach. No cool dancing. No guys with surfboards. And luckily, for everyone in attendance, no girls in bikinis, either. I'll save that for another day!


Mrs. B said...

You know what I love about Elvis? You get come-hither feeling in his voice, and you can understand every single word. AND it doesn't embarrass you.

Did I suddenly show my age, or what?

KJ said...

gotta love a clambake. I'm down with some Elvis now and then.