Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They Say it's Your Birthday...

"We're gonna have a good time."
Whitney turned twenty-two today. Not twenty-one. That was last year. Next year, it will be twenty-three. I hate to be cliche, but there is a lot of truth to the saying, 'time flies when you're having fun.' For the last twenty-two years, Whitney has contributed to us having fun as time flew all around us. We have laughed over Kip and Napolean discussing chapped lips and cage fighting. We have laughed over movies about men dating puppets. We have laughed about clowns and go-go boots and knock-knock jokes and various Disney movies about high school heart throbs and country hicks in blonde wigs who hit the big time! With Whitney around, laughter IS the best medicine. I hope she had a chance to laugh today, and that she made someone else laugh, too!
"I'm glad it's your birthday!"
We are miles apart on this great day of remembrance, but I'm still glad it's her birthday. Whitney's arrival was not without a bit of drama. 18 days late, almost 18 hours of L.A.B.O.R and the emergency c-section are still fresh in my mind. But the picture I choose to remember is one of a tiny pink bundle, precious and perfect and mine. All mine. Twenty-two years later that memory still makes me smile. And shed a tear or two. ,
"Happy Birthday to You!"
Tradition dictates that birthdays also bring gifts. Whitney opened a few presents from us today, but she has been a gift to us every day for the last twenty-two years. Long before she was born, I wished upon a candle for a 'secret something' I dreamed would come true. Something I hoped would come true. Whitney is proof that birthday candle wishes do come true. I hope she got to blow out some candles today. I hope someone sang her a birthday tribute. I hope she had some red velvet cupcakes. They are To. Die. For. And I wish and hope that the secret dreams she shared with her birthday candles will someday come true for her. Just like she came true for me.

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