Thursday, March 13, 2008


That's right. I have had it. No more will I sit and wish for those fluffy, white flakes to fall from the sky. It has been a long, hard winter and I am ready for some signs of spring. Two days ago I had little purple crocus poking their heads up in my front flower bed. Today they are buried under another three inches of that fluffy, white stuff. Not two, but three times I went spinning across roads and slick bridges in my van, jeopardizing my own life and the lives of those people coming towards me in bigger, better SUV's. (No wrecks, luckily, just some white knuckle driving!) This week I really cleaned the van, willing warm weather to come my way. Now it is covered in black, slushy gunk, and the mats are home to all those annoying micro-sized black rocks that keep coming back to haunt me! I got some steaks out to cook on the grill. I could almost smell the scent of beef barbecuing the in back yard. Not to be. Tonight it will be hot soup and warm bread, another staple of winter that I am ready to surrender for a few seasons.

Last but not least, I AM SICK! I have survived the entire flu season while others around me have succumbed to fevers, coughs, headaches and bodyaches and the introduction of a high-priced, nasty tasting elixir by the name of TAMIFLU! (Apparently, I should have bought stock in this company last fall. My neighborhood has single-handidly kept them afloat for 5 months now!) MY throat hurts, my body aches, I have no voice, (maybe that's a good thing) and I want to sleep for hours at a time. Why me and why now? Why not back in January when you're supposed to get sick? Well, I'm done moaning. If summer won't come to me, then I'm going to go out and find it. How, you ask? Well, I went to one of those 'come-to-my-house-and-buy-something' parties today and bought a brand new swimsuit! Don't let the visualization of this make you sick, because there isn't a drug out there to cure that image, but if it's still snowing tomorrow, I'm going to put on my new swimsuit, go out in my garden, find that crocus, put it on my patio table, wash the car in the driveway for all the neighbors to see, grill a steak, drink a big, tall glass of lemonade, and watch the flakes fall from my chair on the front porch. Maybe winter isn't so bad afterall!

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W & E R said...

Here, Here! We are going crazy with cabin fever and I have been sick all winter. Grrrr.
I love your blog already. So glad you've joined the blogging world.