Friday, March 28, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This...

Last night I was watching the final episode of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. It's not really my thing, but I was a bit curious, and Phillip was at class. In the midst of the final boardroom, Trace Adkins sang a song called "You're Gonna Miss This", and it put my week into perspective. Let me share. Lately, I've been feeling a little left-out and green with envy. Phillip is taking a couple of college courses, so it keeps him busy studying. Whitney is finishing her semester in Provo, then leaving for a 7 week study abroad program in Londdon. 12 Shakespearean plays, Josh Groban in concert at Royal Albert Hall, and a sidetrip to Ireland. Cassidy has been spending her spring break in Chicago with a friend, taking in all the sights, including WICKED, which she said was FABULOUS! I've been home with Eli, entertaining little boys, and feeling a lot invaded by wii tournaments, light saber battles, web flinging, and circus training. (I caught two of them balancing one-legged on the back of my sofa!) I'll admit, I was a little bit grouchy, and a lot in need of some hormones running through the house to balance out the testosterone. Then along comes this song and it really got me to thinking. Every moment of every day is filled with so many great and wonderful things, why am I wishing them away, looking for something better to happen tomorrow? I'm glad my girls are getting opportunities that I've never had. I'm glad my son has two legs so he can balance one-legged on the back of my sofa. (If he keeps it up, maybe I'll bargain Phillip for a new one!) Yesterday the snow was back and the roads were slicker than ever, but my yellow and purple crocus were peeking their heads up at me and reminding me that spring is coming! I remember planting those bulbs when we moved here 10 years ago, and wondering what our life in Idaho would bring for our family. It brought us back more traveling for Phillip. It brought new ways for me to stretch and grow (several time-consuming but much-loved church callings, a long-awaited and much anticipated pregnancy, a few new jobs, new friends and a bigger porch to chat on). It brought brought new experiences and challenges for Whitney and Cassidy, and they have both come out on top, beautiful and bright, and better than ever. And, yes, it brought Eli, who completes us, keeps us growing,(mostly older), and always keeps us smiling. As I snuggled with my son last night, I was glad I haven't missed any of it...and I look forward to not missing any of what's to come!

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The Red Hen said...

I LOVE your blog! I really miss those days of sitting on your front porch and having the "Mom Chat". Jade still talks about it.

I have been a devoted Celeb Apprentice watcher from about the third episode on, and I LOVE Trace Adkins. His new song is one of my favorites. Especially w/ Jade graduating this year and my "first batch" of kids almost out of the house! Every time it comes on I get a little teary eyed because I just feel so lucky to have Jack and Madeline in our family. I find that my perspective has changed quite a bit with them vs. my older kids. I'm sure that our experiences w/ McKenna had something to do w/ that too.

Well, keep on bloggin' and I will add you to my list of cool blogs.

Much love to you and yours!