Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm feeling brave enough now to admit this, but I think I am a blog-aholic. I've yet to invite anyone to read what I've been writing, and already I'm nervous that I say too much. Bear with me. Either I have a lot to say, or I just haven't got the hang of it. Soon I will. In the meantime, the question for my friends is simple: To read or not to read. I'm okay either way. I love reading about you, and hope I don't bore you with us! WRITE ON!


Nead Family said...

YYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!! I am so glad you have a blog now. I kept thinking since Christmas, 'surely Joy has a blog'; and now you do. It really is a fun way to stay connected. I LOVED reading your thoughts. It almost makes me feel like I'm still sitting on your front porch talking. I miss those days a lot. We have always really admired your family. The kids look beautiful and older, but yet still the same. Keep on blogging--I love it!!! Love, Summer

Judy said...

Glad you took that leap and joined the cyberworld! Easier to keep track of ya all!