Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coolest Mom De-throned!

Just a quick update to let you know even the coolest moms can fail miserably at times. On Monday Eli came home from school with a paper announcing DADS AND DOUGHNUTS on Friday morning from 7-8 a.m. Phillip was so excited when I told him about it and we both made a mental note not to forget it. That's where we got in trouble. (*note to you younger and wiser parents) After age 40 don't rely on 'mental notes' for anything...WRITE IT DOWN! Friday morning dawns like any other day. We get up, we rush around getting ready. Eli eats his daily requirement of two waffles and heads out to the bus stop. He comes right back, looking very confused. "Mom, I think I missed the bus. No kids are out there." I check. Sure enough. No kids. I check the clock. By my calculations, it's at least five minutes before bus time. It's starting to feel like a weird episode from the Twilight Zone, one where all the kids but yours have disappeared. I call my neighbor and asked if the bus came early. "No, but everyone went to DADS AND DOUGHNUTS. Did you guys forget?" (Way to rub it in) Well, you can imagine how it felt when my heart just about broke in two. I ran up the stairs, screaming to Phillip, who was in the shower, "WE ARE LOSER PARENTS! WE FORGOT DADS AND DOUGHNUTS!" Thank goodness I have an understanding son who gave me a big hug and said, "It's fine, mom, it's really fine!" I drove him to school and personally escorted him inside so I could tell everyone why I was wearing a big "L" on my forehead. The principal, who I used to work for, started laughing and said, "Don't feel bad. Yesteday I went to pick up my daughter from school. She came out with tears rolling down her face and reminded me that I had also forgotten DADS AND DOUGHNUTS!" It's a vicious circle, this parenting, but it all works out in the end. Not to mention, it teaches our kids that we are human, and that, yes, playing on our emotions will get them EVERYWHERE. Last night before bed, Eli snuggles up to Phllip and says, 'Hey, dad, what time are you getting up tomorrow to take me out for DOUGHNUTS WITH DAD?" It's all good! I hope they remember that moms and sisters like the blueberry cake flavored doughnuts!

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Judy said...

did mom and sisters get donuts? ok i have one up on ya...our first time going home for Christmas break. We made sure to be back by a certain date so Laren wouldn't miss any school. We get all ready. I drive her to school but think it is odd when I don't see many cars heading in the same direction. Then I see no cars at the cross walk or any buses. We drive up to the school and it is totally empty and eeriely quiet. So we drove back home...ran to the computer only to find out that school doesn't start until the next day! Laren quickly undresses and climbs back in bed...NOW I always double check and mark on three calendars when vacations start and end! Side note when Laren and Troy have gone to dads and doughnuts they are always out when they get there. Instead it was Dads and school lunchroom cinnamon rolls.