Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Birthday Roses

Yesterday Cassidy turned 17! It's hard to believe my baby girl is almost a senior and soon heading to college. WOW! It was a great day. Her first class is seminary. Waiting for her on her desk were two roses, and notes from two of her friends. As the day progressed, she got more roses and more notes in each class. I was amazed at the thoughtfulness of the friend who put this idea all together. Each of the notes was full of love and admiration for Cassidy, and praise for her talents and her example. I doubt any gift could have made her feel any happier. (Not even a new pair of shoes!) It brought tears to my eyes as I read what her friends had written to her. They were all sincere and genuine and straight from the heart. You might think girls can get emotionally about friends, but I was extremely impressed with what the boys wrote. They expressed their appreciation for her Christ-like example, her modesty and her ability to make everyone want to raise their standards a little higher. Mothers, if you ever ask yourselves the question, "Is this worth the battle?" when it comes to clothing, or curfews, or choosing appropriate movies, or steady dating, the answer is a loud and resounding "YES!" It is worth it, and your daughters will be rewarded for their choices. I saw the rewards yesterday in the words of valiant young men who appreciate and respect those choices. To Cassidy, I say, "When I look at you, I see something rare...a rose that can grow anywhere. What makes you different makes you beautiful to me."

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Judy said...

Happy belated Birthday Cassidy! You have grown into a beautiful young lady. I hope that one day Laren will have the respect of her friends like you. Good job mom and dad...i will be coming to you for advice.