Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Heart is Lonely Hunter...'s also great for weaponry, if it is a candy conversation heart.

Tonight I had 8 teenagers over for a pre-Sweetheart Dance Dinner. I had planned a very festive decor theme, all around those nasty candies. They may not taste good, but they are very cute in votives and on tables. (Thanks Kim J.) I was very proud of how well it was all looking...very Martha Stewart and such. After dinner is when the fun started. Phillip and I were in the basement when I heard screams from above and feet running across the wood floor. Arriving first on the scence, I was witness to a candy conversation hearts food fight to beat all food fights. Conversation hearts were EVEryWhERE...the FlooR, the the DrinKS, down the DreSSEs...between the cUshIons on the CouCH...I'ave decided things haven't changed much since my 8th grade experience with David Gambles. Boys still like to throw candy hearts. Only difference...I don't think anyone got a 'be mine' heart tonight. Maybe it was more like a 'let me hit you in the eye' heart or 'these don't really dissolve all that well in strawberry lemonade' or my favorite...'if we leave enough of these on the floor, the hostess will have to spend hours picking them up!' All in a good night's fun.. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And for the record, we decided the new heart phrase for 2009 should be 'facebook me'!


Karalee said...

I agree that those little things taste like nasty medicine. But your table looks SOOO cute! You're keeping your coolest mom on the block title for another week:)

Elizabeth said...

So, now I understand the comment about a conversation candy heart fight!! It sounds dangerous. Let's do this.....I'll invite you to my house for Easter and we'll throw Peeps at each other. That should be safer. What say ye?

Julie Brinton said...

I'm sorry we left a mess, but I tried to pick those up, but they seem just to slip out of my fingers into Witney/Cassidy's dress. Sorry!! I oove you and thank you for a wonderful dinner!! Thanks mom!