Monday, February 9, 2009

Red. Velvet. Cupcakes. To. Die. For.

Talk about a romantic treat for
Valentine's Day. I hope I can save one or two for my sweetheart...
(Just wondering...what do skulls and Valentine's Day have in common? Any thoughts on this?)


Elizabeth said...

I suppose that if you're a pirate who has a crush, skulls and valentines go very well together.

How's your hand? Hope it's better.

Sandy said...

What happened to your hand?

Happy Valentine's Day! If you want to see an amazing Valentines day cake visit It's amazing... a heart shaped candy box cake - even the candies are cake!

I love those cupcakes though - who made them? Did you?

whitty said...

Nice pictures. My mouth is watering. And good job sampling my comment about this most delectable of delectables.