Friday, August 14, 2009

Hope It Gives You *!+#

Yesterday Eli had two friends from school over to spend the day. They are, respectively, Christopher and Hannah, who are, coincidentally, twins. We went to McDonald's for Happy Meals and then to the local park for a picnic and some playing. On the way there a popular song came on the radio. You may or may not be familiar with this particular tune. It's by one of Cassidy's all-time favorite groups, The All-American Rejects. The cd was given to her a few months ago as a thank you gift. One of the songs is called, "Gives You Hell" (only using this term once, so from here on out, fill in that blank with this *!+#) Eli has never liked this song. Whenever we listen to it he asks us to turn it off. He doesn't like the "H" word. Growing up with lots of car-singing in our family, I have always told the girls, "If the word is innappropriate, just don't sing it!" Apparently, Eli doesn't even want to hear it. So, when it came on the radio he hurriedly told his friends, "We are turning this off. It says the "H" word." Our little friend Hannah didn't skip a beat, but continued the conversation. "Eli, let me just demonstrate how you can sing this song without saying *!+#. Whenever you hear the word, just open your mouth and make a loud noise like this--HONK!" She then proceeded to HONK throughout the entire song, accompanied by two boys, both deciding that if honking sounds are good for girls to use in place of the "H" word, then of course, belching and farting sounds would be just right for boys to use! I'd be willing to bet that The All-American Rejects won't be calling us anytime soon to replace their back-up singers. And for the record, I think that I, too, will now be turning it off when I hear it on the radio. I'm not sure I can stand another chorus of "Hope it gives you (HONK-FART-BELCH) *!+#


Karalee said...

That made me laugh out loud. HONK!

Ginny Weasley-Potter said...

I don't think I will ever be able to hear that song in the same way again. Thank you, Eli. :)