Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Careful the things you say...

...children will listen." These are the lines from a song I love from INTO THE WOODS. Don't mistake me loving this song to mean I love this musical. I don't. But I was reminded of it's lyrics the other night during auditions and it brought me to this post. So, now, parents, for YOUR listening pleasure:

The other night we went for a Family Home Evening bike ride. Just the four of us. Phillip, Joy, Cassidy, and Eli. As we were riding down the road I casually commented, "We shouldn't all ride side by side or it blocks the cars from coming through." Phillip adds his two cents worth. "You're right. Let's not ride abreast." Eli, not skipping a beat, asks, "What's a breast?" And then proceeds to laugh so hard we almost collide in a heap of 4 FHE bike riders. My boy. My heart. My mini-king-of clever vocab. His other sister would've been proud had she been here. I'm wondering when he will learn the joke, "Dad, your shoes are under there." just so Phillip will answer "Under where?" and Eli will finish it with, "Ha! Made you say underwear!" Careful the things you say...children will listen!
*In case you are wondering when our family became so photogenically beautiful and so much younger, it happened right after we stopped drinking Coke and eating ice cream! Seriously, you don't think I was going to post a picture of the REAL topic of this blog, now do you?


The Red Hen said...

Actually I think it would show Mad Skillzz if you were able to take a picture of the 4 of you biking WHILE riding. LOL

Katie said...

totally laughing out loud, eli is so cute!

Mrs. B said...

I don't want to give you any pressure, but you really brighten my day and so I will be needing you to keep up on your blogging so I can have a daily chuckle and cause the endorphins to be activated in a natural, non medicated way.
PS, until recently, I haven't had any carbonated soda desires. However, since you gave it up, I have been craving and indulging. Ice cream too.
Hope you enjoyed the Cook concert, also.