Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"I Know, You Know"

Here is something that is really bugging me. A. Lot. I love PSYCH. I love Shawn. I love Gus. I love Lassie and Juliet and Shawn's dad. My greatest humorous moments each week come from watching these 'psychic' detectives solve random crimes and mysteries. I have nicknamed Shawn the "Lorelai Gilmore of Detectives" because, he, too, has the gift of witty reparte, never-ending pop culture references, and a quirky fashion style that I enjoy. A. Lot. HOWEVER, here's my gripe. I also love the theme song. A. Lot. I want it for my ringtone. I want it on my i-pod. I want it. Bad. In a Michael Jackson way Bad. Here's the glitch. It's written by the one of the writers on the show and performed by his band, "The Friendly Indians." It's also not available. It hasn't been released AT THIS TIME! Why, exactly, is that? And don't you find it kind of an oxymoron to be in a group named "The Friendly Indians" when you aren't even friendly enough to release your really cool song? I'm just wondering. In the meantime, enjoy the lyrics. I'm sure you can sing along, because the tune is running through your head. Just like it is mine. All. The. Time.

I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth.
I know, you know, they just don't have any proof.
Embrace the deception. Learn how to bend.
You're worst inhibitions will PSYCH you out in the end.


Karalee said...

I love this show!! I just watched the first 4 episodes of the season on demand over the weekend. If you were here, we'd SO be having "psych" parties to watch it.
Jill and I were also discussing the theme song...we'll just have to wait and hope for the ring-tone to come out soon ;)

Mrs. B said...

I, too, enjoy Psych. Shawn is amusing and articulate. He is also quite appealing.

Cox Family said...

I just hopped on your blog from Mrs. B. I have the ringtone! If you e-mail your cell number to llcox@cableone.net I will sent it to you. I am a huge fan of the show as well.

Pam's Ponderings said...

Dear Miss Joy;
I sort of stalk you too!
I am a blogger for all these kidlets of mine...I do remove my blogs a few months after they are written though!
Come by anytime....
I too, enjoy coming here for a good read!!

candacekay said...

I, too, have been wanting that ringtone since I smelled the first pineapple.

Jillian said...

Miss Joy! I have that ringtone on my phone right now! If you have texting and can set sounds as ringtones I will text it to you! :)

Front Porch Friend. said...

I just got it from someone else, Jillian, but thanks for offering. I really makes me happy. Now I just need people to call me. Thanks, too, to the Cox family for blog stalking me and then generously sharing the ringtone!