Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"There's No Business Like Show Business"

Last night we took Eli to see a local stage production of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. When he was four our family went to see it at The Playmill in West Yellowstone. His only memories of that particular show were a few guys and girls singing on stage, 'Heidi's Famous Fudge', and the bat we found outside our hotel room. Suffice it to say, he was actually looking forward to the show this time. For your reading pleasure, here is an "After-the-show" closing night review, compliments of Eli, almost 8 now, and preparing to become a seasoned theater critic.

'"The theater was really cold. Next time I will wear pants, not shorts."
"I'm glad they had popcorn but it made me thirsty." (Think: "if you give a boy popcorn, then you will have to buy him root beer, then he will have to use the bathroom," etc.)
"I didn't really get some of the 'love stuff', but I am so okay with that. ICK!"
"The fight scenes were pretty good, but they could have used a little more violence."
"I laughed really hard when they boys were chasing the girls and trying to hide them and one of the girls rolled over on the floor and you could see her bloomers under the dress. That was SOOOO funny!"
"Why was a woman playing a man? Even with the fake beard I still knew she was a man!" (For those of you who are familiar with SNL skits, I told my friends who were with us, this particular character must've gone by 'PAT')
"I like some of the songs in this show, especially the ones where the men sing. I do not like the songs about love. ICK!"
"I like when they came up the aisle in the audience with guns, but they should've done some shooting with those guns. Even if they were just props."
"The avalanche scene was too fake for me. They should work on that for next time."
"I'm glad they didn't use a real baby. It probably would've been screaming the whole time."
"Too much kissing!"
"I would like to see the movie to make a 'comparison' of both shows."

There you have it. SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS through the eyes of Eli. He gave it 'two thumbs' up right before he drifted off to sleep. For the record, I have to agree with everything he said. He was right on the money. I hope he can be this objective when he reviews my production of ANNIE in one month. Maybe I should start buttering him up now with lots of popcorn and root beer!


KJ said...

eli was the highlight of the evening. thanks for taking us along.

Ginny Weasley-Potter said...

So hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing just now. My brother is a witty genius and he isn't even 8 yet! Very impressive critique. He does a better job then the people in my textbook...