Friday, May 30, 2008

The Amazing Mr. E.

Lest anyone start to think I only have one child, I'll brag for a minute on the other here's my tribute to Eli, the amazing, extraordinary, and always precocious, Mr. E! Just last week he 'graduated from kindergarten. It was a long time coming. Two weeks into the school year, he informed us that, "I can read, I can do math, I can do science. What am I going to do for the rest of the year?" Mrs. Briggs kept him busy, he made lots of new friends, loved p.e. and computers, and music, and informed us that, "Now I'm in first grade I can learn even more facts than ever!" I hope we can keep up with his brain, which is constantly turning and spinning in all directions. Just this morning he asked me if I knew the difference between personal, and personnel, then proceeded to tell me that "personal is something for only you, like a secret code or message on your Nintendo DS. Personnel are the people who work for you when you grow up and have your own company." Not too many 6 year olds on my block are worrying about who will work for them when they become the next Bill Gates, but it's just the way his mind works. This morning we were in line at the zoo. It was a long line. "Hey, Mom" he says, "I'm now going to share an interpretive dance to "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Don't laugh too hard...he saw it on a tv show, memorized all the moves, and entertained everyone in line! It was a crack up! I surprised people didn't start passing a hat around! You just never know what he's going to come up with next, but it's always funny, always inventive, and never dull! He is, after all, the amazing Mr. E!

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Nead Family said...

Oh, Eli!!! I cannot believe how grown up he is!! Sometimes Max still asks me if we can just drive to Idaho Falls and play at Eli's house....he doesn't understand the distance; but it's really not that long....maybe someday we'll show up on your doorstep!!;) KOry and Lynette were stayed with us last was fun. Made us miss you guys......Love, Summer and Max and clan