Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've been tagged by Karalee to play a 'THREE'S COMPANY' sort-of game. For those of you who get tagged by me to play later, here are the rules. List 3 of each of the following: JOYS, FEARS, GOALS, CURRENT OBSESSIONS OR COLLECTIONS, and RANDOM SURPRISING FACTS.
At the end of your post, tag 5 friends, and leave them a comment on their blog to complete the survey as well. HERE GOES NOTHING:

3 JOYS: (Hey, that's me!)
1. My family, of course, including my 3 AMAZING KIDS!

2. The fact that I FINALLY have signs of spring in my yard...tuplis, hyacinths, daffodils. HEAVEN!
3. Staying in contact with old friends via the blogging network! IT ROCKS!

1. Illness and bad health. We have next-to-none Health Insurance, with a nice big $5000 deductible, so I'm always praying for good health in our home.

2. I'm scared to death of bats. Several up-close-and-personal experiences with these flying rodents have left me petrified of them. I can't even look at them in the zoo. And yet, my favorite superhero hands down is, HOLY SMOKES, none other than BATMAN. Go figure.
3. Any type of natural disasters. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, dams breaking, micro-bursts like the one we had when we lived in Lehi. I don't think I'm a fan of death and destruction, but I always get an adrenaline rush when I watch TWISTER!

1. To get a better camera and become a better photographer.
2. To lose a little weight before the end of the year, via more activity and less m-n-m's. It's been a long winter and this bear has been hibernating WAY TOO MUCH!
3. To get my life history caught up. It's actually my 4th fear...that I won't leave a written legacy for my family. For someone like me who loves to read, it's a scary thought to think I haven't written it down for my posterity.

1. I really like making movies on my computer. I think in my past life I worked at a movie studio as the person who decides what music goes where. It takes way too much of my time whenever I start working on the movies, because I want the music to be JUST RIGHT, but I LOVE IT the entire time I'm doing it! It's my form of scrapbooking.
2. Over spring break, Eli taught me how to play solitaire on my new laptop. Prior to that, I had never played it a day in 45 years of life. Now I spend WAY TOO MUCH time each day trying to beat my high score, which sadly, isn't even really that high.
3. Strawberries. I can' t get enough of them this time of year. On my waffles, in my shakes, on my ice cream, dipped in chocolate, plain off the stem. They are SO DIVINE!

1. I used to announce high school baseball games when I was in school. My love of the game and my gift of the gab made me very good at it. Not to mention, it was a great way to meet guys from other schools. If no one is in the room, I still turn down the tv and do the play-by-play sometimes.
2. I was voted Best Dancer my senior year and have a very 80's SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER picture in my yearbook to prove it. If no one is in the room, I turn up the music really loud and do my best DANCING WITH THE STARS imitation, minus the raunchy costumes, lifts, and bare-chested partner. Phillip just isn't comfortable wearing spandex and spray tans!
3. I yearn to swim with dolphins. Perhaps someday when I can finally feel good about myself in a wetsuit, or raise the funds to go somewhere and do it. I have an inflatable dolphin one of my students brought me from Sea World. If no one is in the room, maybe I should just put it in the tub with me!
DONE! I'm tagging Jana, Judy, Sandi, Emily, and Summer. HAVE FUN!

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KJ said...

we should have a red sox party this summer. B will think it's super cool that you can actually call along!