Saturday, May 10, 2008

She's Off to the Ball!

Isn't she lovely? Tonight is Commencement and Cassidy is all dressed up with someplace to go. Her friend Julie is always so nice to come over and do her hair. Since she cut it after the last dance, we weren't sure if it would curl, but it turned out sweet! Don't you just love the orange shoes and matching toenails! In my haste to get her out the door, I failed to take pictures of her date! They promised to do it at the next house with someone else's camera! Coolest mom once again, NOT SO COOL!


The Red Hen said...

What a beautiful dress - she has the perfect coloring to pull it off! Wish you were closer - so we could "Mom Chat" on my porch!


Kim said...

Hey Joy--it's Kim (Hatch) Lucherini! How random is it that I found your blog!? I had fun catching up with your family...I can't believe how old your girls are getting...did I really ever teach Whitney piano?! Anyway, if you ever desire to check out my blog, go for it! (It's only fair as I now have access to yours!)

KJ said...

So gorgeous! I'd like a pair of those shoes for myself. Nice girls really do finish first.