Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Once again, it's time for my favorite holiday of the year! Who doesn't love parades and picnics, snowcones and sparklers, friends and fireworks! This year is no exception! I always get goosebumps the night before thinking of the fun that is just around the corner. We have spent years past getting engaged underneath the fireworks, starting Whitney's hair on fire with her first sparkler experience, celebrating with neighbors at the Harris' Driveway of Fire, (now an Idaho tradition as well!) visiting the Freedom Flags display and eating Reed's Dairy ice cream cones, and hanging with the cousins at the park, playing cards until the Melaleuca Freeom Festival Fireworks burst into the skies. If you haven't witnessed this, you need to make a trip to Idaho Falls sometime soon! I know of a great family who would host you for this holiday! Wherever you and yours end up, take a moment to look into the skies and offer a silent prayer of gratitude for what a great country we do have. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
And for your listening pleasure, Joy's Patriotic Playlist:
Back in the USA, Chuck Berry; Living in America James Brown; R.O.C.K in the USA, John Cougar Mellencamp; Courtesty of the Red, White, and Blue, Toby Keith; America, Ray Charles; America from West Side Story, RIta Moreno; (We're Coming to) America, Neil Diamond, or our personal favorite, David Archuleta; America, Simon and Garfunkel or Josh Groban; Right Here, Right Now, Jesus Jones; Miss America, Styx; (for Whitney's friend Elise Davis, the new Miss Idaho and now heading to the MIss America pageant); Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning, Alan Jackson; The Star Spangled Banner, Whitney Houston; God Bless America, (by our favorite Canadian) Celine Dion; The 1812 Overture by ANYONE; The Battle Hymn of the Republic, ONLY by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir; God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood; Surfin' USA or anything else by the Beach Boys; and just because I like it, Spirit in the Sky, Howard Greenbaum.


Sandy said...

That is where we will be spending this 4th... Idaho Falls! Probably parked near the library for easy exiting! We are excited to be back, even if only for a few days!
Maybe we can even stop by and see you at some point!

Judy said...

wish we could have been in Idaho Falls. No fireworks at all allowed here in Midland...not even ones in your own driveway. $1000 fine. Miss the Driveway of Fire.
no big parades here. but having a sick boy probably wouldn't have gone anyway...maybe next year or pioneer day in Utah this year