Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea...Joy to you and me..."

'Slippin' away, sittin' on a pillow, waitin' for night to fall. Slippin' away, sittin' on a pillow, this is the night to go to the celebrity ball.' It was over 40 years ago today, that Three Dog Night started to play. Saturday night was our chance to step back in time for a few hours and just enjoy a few good "Old Fashioned Love Songs' and some pretty hot rock-and-roll! You'll notice that we opted out of wearing anything polyester or psychedelic, but it didn't matter. The other 2000 people we spent the evening with made up for our lack of 70's style. I have never seen so much tie-dye and black-fringed leather in my life, not to mention most people in the crowd were also sporting the same hairstyles they wore back in '72. My excitement over having free tickets turned to ecstacy when we found out that 'VIP' means 2nd row back from the stage. They were close enough to touch, and I'm pretty sure I made eye contact with one of the lead singers at least once, if not twice. The two ladies in front of us were from Minnesota. This was their 64th Three Dog Night Concert. I found it interesting that they were wearing earplugs. They were very entertaining to watch, especially when one lost her oxygen tank and had to be re-hooked up! Phillip was a good sport. He doesn't normally go in for big crowds or deafening music, but I know he loved every minute of it! His jumping up and down was my first clue! Several times I had to calm him down! They only sang 3 songs we didn't know, which is great, so we could sing along to all the rest. They may be old, but they can still sing, and sing they did, for an entire hour and a half! From the opening strains of "Family of Man", "Shambala" and "Never Been to Spain" to the double encore of "Eli's Coming" and "Joy to the World" it was one rockin' hot evening for the over-the-hill Joy and Phil. I was glad they saved those last two songs for the end. It was almost like being in the labor and delivery room almost 7 years ago when our own 'Eli's Coming' made his entrance to the world. The only difference between then and now was the fact that this time the music was MUCH louder and I wasn't stoned out on painkillers!
(I had the disctinct impression that my brother would have loved being at the concert with us. I practically raised him on Three Dog Night. Something tells me he was right there by my side!)

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Karalee said...

Yay Joy! I'm so glad you had fun...but sorry this is one of those rare times when our age difference shows...I never had a 3 dog album. Shaun Cassidy and Air Supply were it for me :)