Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adrenaline Rush

If you're like me (Whitney), you're probably still stunned by the amazing race put in by the American swim team. If you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure you find the race online at NBColympics.com. It's the best swimming relay of all-time and the most memorable moment in Olympic history I've ever witnessed. It kept Michael Phelps's dream of 8 golds alive, and demonstrated that swimming can be a team sport. Watching the race with a friend's house, we couldn't contain our excitement and jumped and screamed for several minutes. I'm told similar pandemonium took place at the Sorensen residence. The entire country experienced a simultaneous adrenaline rush, although no one more than Jason Lezak who swam the fastest relay leg in history. Phelps exhibited his adrenaline by impersonating the Incredible Hulk. Don't believe me? Except for the green skin, they could be twins.

The rest of the American team seemed to be riding the adrenaline wave from that rush during last night's prime time coverage. Two American's medaled in the first three races, capturing three gold medals in the process. Even the men's gymnastics team believed in the impossible, capturing a bronze medal behind the spectacular Chinese team who were cheered to near perfection by the home crowd. Tonight Michael Phelps himself will reach for the impossible, as he goes for two more medals, one of them in another relay that's sure to be must-see. I'll be there, and you can bet I'll feel the rush of adrenaline once again.

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