Friday, August 22, 2008

Saying something stupid...

I have a secret addiction. I hate to admit it, but since we got satellite tv I have re-visited the life of "John and Kate Plus Eight." If you're not familiar with their reality show, she had twins, then sextuplets, and their life is utter chaos. I LOVE IT! She and her husband banter and argue and make up and fight again, the kids are normal and healthy and happy and bratty and brilliant, and it just makes me smile. (Probably because I don't have 8 children, but that's a blog for another day!) Anyway, I was watching the show for a few minutes with Whitney this morning (alright, it was a whole hour!) and I made the following remark, "I'm thinking of those 3 twins from SAVED BY THE BELL!" Whitney starts to laugh and I look at her blankly and say, "What?" She replies, "Mom, listen to this sentence. 'I'm thinking of the THREE TWINS!' What's wrong with this picture?" We both had a good laugh over my conflicting sentence. I guess I am destined to go through life knowing that my language skills will always need improvement, and that my own personal grammer goddess, the Queen of English, will be there to guide me right back to where I should be! ***Side note back to the previous blog: I think tomatoes contain lycopene, which is supposed to be really good for your health in so many ways, including preventing cancer and boosting your brain skills. So, in defense of my "Miley-like" three twins comments, I'm sure I'll sound a lot more intellectual in a few weeks when my lycopene levels are back to normal!

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Sandy said...

I LOVE that show! I wish it had been around when I was raising kids! I love that they are so real. I've even told Amy she should start watching it in preparation for when her baby arrives!
As for the '3 twins' comment... we all have days like that! And we all need something to laugh about, so thanks for the laugh! ;-)