Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going Bananas...

I know food is getting more expensive each time I go to the grocery store, but something happened today that I wanted to share. Whitney, Cassidy, and I went to get a Jamba Juice. While we were waiting, Whitney innocently asked me, "How much do you usually pay for a bunch of bananas?" "Oh, about fifty to sixty cents for five or six bananas," I replied. I didn't know why she was asking until she started laughing and pointed to a basket on the counter. It had one small banana inside that they were trying to sell for seventy-five cents! I've decided to take my money and buy a bunch of bananas at the store. Then, if I need a little extra cash, I'll put them in a basket on my counter and charge Cassidy's friends seventy- five cents to eat them!

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