Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tag...You're It!

I guess I didn't quite make it through the summer without being 'tagged' so here goes the lastest version from my friend Karalee. Answer if you can...don't feel any pressure to know that I will be checking your blogs HOURLY to see if you even look at mine to see what's there! Here we go:

4 Places I Frequently Visit:
1. The Wal-mart--not my favorite store, but it's close and has what I'm looking for.
2. Does the laundry room count?
3. The front porch. Summer is almost over and it's just too good to pass up those lazy front porch moments.
4. Sonic Happy Hour. Can you say peach sprite?
(5. Did I already say laundry room?)

4 People who call/text/e-mail me regularly:
1. Kim
2. Erin
3. My mother
4. The familia

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Shrimp ANYTHING!
2. Fresh salsa and chips
3. Cucumbers from the garden
4. Lasagna

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Beijeing--obviously (I know it's not spelled right, but the other way didn't look right either!)
2. Disneyland--always the happiest place on earth
3. Cape Cod--never been, but know it would be fabulous
4. Little League World Series--again, never been, but would love to go just once!

4 Movies I'd Watch Over and Over:
1. Return to Me--"Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart."
2. That Thing You Do--"I am Spartucus!"
3. Remember the Titans--"Attitude reflect leadership."
4. Napolean Dynamite--"My lips hurt real bad."

4 Bands/Groups I love to listen to right now:
1. Maroon Five
2. Train
3. Jason Mraz
4. Jack Johnson

4 People I'm Tagging:
1. Kim
2. Sandy
3. Summer
4. Cody

Scattergories : This one is harder, but try it anyway. Use the first letter of your name to answer all the questions. All answers must be real places, things, or names...nothing made up. Don't use the same answers as your friend. You can't use your name for the boy/girl answers. Ready, set, go!

Name: Joy
4-letter word: Jump
Vehicle: Jaguar (dream on, Cody)
TV Show: Jeopardy! (What I'll be in as these questions get harder!)
City: Jakarta (I think they sell drugs there!)
Boy Name: Javier ( a person who sells drugs in Jakarta)
Girl Name: Jane (remember when you learned to read "See Jane jump!)
Occupation: Janitor (hey, that's me!) or Jouster (hey, that was Heath Ledger!)
Something you wear: Jumpsuit (very flattering to all figure types, including Elvis!)
A food: Jicama (the 'j' says 'h' in this word, but I think it counts. Personally, I don't like hicama, I mean jicama, but I think it works for this category)
Something found in a bathroom: I will say 'jacuzzi' for my official answer, but I can't resist this one: 'the john' Okay. Potty humor allotment for the year used up. Check!
Reason for being late: Jury duty, although if you're late for this one, you're probably jousted by the judge and shipped of to a jail cell in Jakarta.
Something you shout: "Jerk!" ( A word not featured in my vocabulary, but I think I heard Elvis use it once when talking to his jumpsuit designer, after finding that it didn't fit in a flattering way!)

Ja'all come back now, ja hear! (That's Swedish for goodbye, but I will remind you that the Swedes put the 'j' sound in front of any word to make it sound very foreign and debonair. Try it sometime. Example: Joy is just j'lightful.) Now I'm really done. This is what happens when one is suffering from sun stroke from too much time on the Lazy River at Ross Park. We like to call in 'jinsanity'! OUT!


Karalee said...

Good work Joy! You crack me up : )

Cody said...

"Jamaican" me roll with laughter!