Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Larry Boy a Cucumber?

Before you start thinking I endorse "Veggie Tales" as an interesting title for a blog, let me speak: I needed a clever way to lead into my food favorite of the day, fresh cucumbers from my garden. Today I ate 2, yes count them, 2 all by myself and I didn't even share. Next to tomatoes, cucumbers are the reason I let Phillip grow me a garden. I love them plain, with pepper and salt, sliced, chopped and combined with tomatoes and red onion for a fresh and calorie-free relish that's great on hamburgers and hot dogs, or marinated in rice wine vinegar. Here's my all-time to-die for cucumber recipe: Thinly slice about 8-10 cucumbers, (About the thickness of paper) toss with rice wine vinegar and add imitation crab flakes and sesame seeds. It's to die for!