Monday, March 30, 2009

Art for Art's Sake...

Day One of our California Adventure takes us to the BYU Museum of Art. Whitney wanted Eli to see the "Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos and Toys in the Attic" display. He is the artist who makes all the I-spy books. First we took a tour of the gallery featuring various pictures of Christ. One was titled "Picture of Christ." Our seven-year old resident art critic was quick to point out, "That is not a picture of Christ, it's a portrait." Next, we visited the American Dreams display, where Eli proceeds to crack up over a picture which I think was of a girl in a circus, simply titled, "Baby Ruth, Fat Girl". The Walter Wick display was amazing and interesting and fun. We recommend this for anyone living close to the Provo area. Eli's favorite part of the museum would have to be the display of Dan Steinhilber, a modern artist, who has no titles for any of his work, since they are all titled, "Untitled". There were giant garbage bags blown up and tied together like pipes, resin chairs stacked upside down on each other, an entire wall with packets of orange duck sauce stapled to it, and Eli's personal favorite, a room filled with packing peanuts and a fan. From time to time the fan would go off and the packing peanuts would fly all over the place. His review of the Dan Steinhilber display was priceless. "I like the interpretation of modern art. I get it. It's fascinating." Including the bottles of Mountain Dew-colored Diet Coke in the gift shop. I wanted to buy some for a friend until I realized, this, too, was "Untitled".

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Mrs. B said...

This sounds so cool. (That's right, 2 spaces after a period.)
I think the packing popcorn is the best.