Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grease...IS the Word!

Cassidy's high school production of Grease has ended. It is her last year to participate in our school district's musical. They have been learning music, blocking scences, and practicing choreography since January. All the hard work finally came to fruition. The play ran 4 nights, and sold out 3 of those evenings. I helped out with t-shirt orders, and was also in charge of the pre-show. We had kids participating in hula hoop and hand jive contests before the show. Not to brag, but it ROCKED THE HOUSE every night and got the audience in the mood for the show.Cassidy was a member of the chorus and also had the part of a cheerleader. Mid-show we discovered much to her delight, that due to perfect 50's hair and a permanent smile, she looked a lot like a life-size Barbie. Coincidentally, she had a friend in the cast who bore a striking resemblance to a life-size Ken doll. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are Ken and Barbie in all their studliness and beauty. PHOTO ONE: Jock Ken and Cheerleader Barbie. Don't they just make you want to head to a football game and scream, "Fight! Rydell! Fight!"

PHOTO TWO: Prom Date Ken and Barbie. All dressed up and ready for "Shakin' at the High School Hop!" Dig the cool tux and authentic two-tone shoes.

PHOTO THREE: Casual wear Ken and Poodle-skirt Barbie, along with leather-jacket Danny Zucko. He may be a rebel, but he still enjoys hanging with the best-looking couple in school! Tune in next week for 'going steady' Barbie and Ken. Photos to follow.
***Attention. This is not the real Barbie and Ken, but they play them on tv!


Karalee said...

That is so much fun! She really does look like she stepped right out of the 50's...what a great experience for her.

Judy said...

Sounds like a fun time at Rydell High! She looks great!