Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"All the Single Ladies..."

...put your hands up!" My gal-pal Beyonce' was singing on the radio this morning when I was taking Cassidy and two other boys from our neighborhood to school. As we were sitting at a stoplight, Beyonce continues, "If you liked it then you should'a put a ring on it..." And because we are tight like this (Cross two fingers together) I always dance in the car when Beyonce' is singing. While I'm doing my thing, Cassidy starts laughing hysterically. Apparently the man in the little car next to us was really enjoying my show because he smiled and gave me a 'thumbs up'! I'm pretty sure if Beyonce' had been in the car with me she would have said, "You go, girl!" right before she said, "to the left, to the left"...the light has changed and you need to turn "to the left, to the left!"


KJ said...

nothing wrong with a little car dancing. my mother used make up ridiculous songs and sing them. tone deaf.

Judy said...

we're usually car dancing too...but I usually don't look around...and neither do the kids...hee hee!

Layla said...

Oh man you crack me up. I would have loved to have seen that!