Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"At Last..."

...I get to talk about Michelle Obama's inagural ball dress. To tell you the truth, after my man Denzel announced, "ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States and his wife, Michelle Obama..." I got all giddy and excited to see what she was wearing. I'm sorry to say I was a wee bit disappointed. I wanted something more Jacqueline Kennedy-stunning, or classic Nancy Reagan. I realize Michelle Obama is supposed to be hip and happening in the world of fashion, but the dress kind of reminded me of a last minute effort to drape yourself in fabric and then hot-glue pieces of pom poms or cotton balls to it for dimension. I also noticed when they were dancing, it got in her way a lot which makes it awkward to waltz with any man, including the new President of the United States. I think her fashion sense is a little 'to the left, to the left' for me.

Here is where I once again give a plug to my girl Beyonce'. She was dressed elegantly in a light purple/silver hue satin gown, simply cut and stunning. It was SO STUNNING they don't even dare publish photos of it on the internet, knowing that she will outshine the first lady in her fashion choice. My treat for you on my video bar (third box down gives the best view of 'the dress') and watch Beyonce' singing "At Last" for the first dance of the first couple. Her beauty will take your breath away. Michelle may be married to the President, but Beyonce' will always be married to the house of style. (At least for the Inagural Ball!)

***Just a note of observation...Ba-ROCK doesn't have a lot of style when it comes to dancing. If I was in the same room with Stevie Wonder, Sting, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keyes, Mary J. Blige, Mr. Maroon 5, and of course, Beyonce' I would have been getting my groove on, regardless of protocol. Don't call yourself Ba-ROCK the house if all you're doing is a little swaying here and there. Put your hands up, oohh, oohh, ohhh!!!!! (Check it out on the video bar, 2nd box down!)


Judy said...

wasn't impressed either. hasn't she watched other first ladies who don't have a train on their dress dance. Like Edna from the Incredibles would say "No Train!" I didn't see this Ball. We were watching Bush speak here.

KJ said...

Beyonce's performance was great, as was her dress. I liked Michelle's dress, but though it was a tad bit youthful for her age and status.

whitty said...

If you're reading this post, it means your daughter's computer works once again, although she might want to request a few songs that somehow disappeared from her backup files. And she wants to say the Obamama was wearing a much better dress than on election night, although this swan interpretation is more ugly duckling.

scchick said...

So, after much searching by google and such,here's your blog! And you were sitting on the front porch all the time. Your blog page looks great. I'm lovin' it.

About the dress, I just have one word. Why?

scchick said...

Yes - we are definitely on the same page. But with our fashion sense, she could not possibly have ever met our expectations. Right?