Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Smile for the Camera"...

If you're ever wondering what your kids do on your computer when you're not looking, here's a peek. Yesterday I was downloading some photos and came across something very interesting. While investigating further, it came to my attention that someone had been using my webcam. It wasn't me, since I really don't know how to use the thing.

I began to interrogate the suspect in question, using my best monotone David Caruso CSI investigative voice, minus the cool shades. (Names have been left out to protect the guilty) "_______, have you been using my webcam?" Suspect replies, "No. I don't even know how." I continue this line of questioning, "Are you sure?" Suspect replies yet again. "Yes, I'm sure. It is too complicated for me." Now I've got him where I want him and I go in for the kill. I present him with approximately 25 chronological photos of himself, the suspect, in various goofy poses. After being faced with the evidence, it was clear he was going to be convicted. He changed his plea instantly. "Wow, it looks like it wasn't that complicated after all! I guess I did know how to use it!"
I ask once again, "What am I going to do with this boy?" Maybe another letter from Santa is in order. And it's only January!


Judy said...

Wow it does sound like a letter from Santa will be coming. You have your hands full. Too smart for his own good. I will soon be coming to you for advice though.

KJ said...

hee hee hee