Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Here She Is..."

...Miss (America) Idaho! In case you have been anxiously awaiting the upcoming Miss America is THE girl to watch. Elise Davis, our very own Miss Idaho, is also our very own 'adopted daughter". She and Whitney have been good friends since 5th grade. They bought their first Harry Potter books together, went on their first date together (not with each other!) took Chemistry and Honors English together, graduated together, learned to surf together, and headed off to BYU together!When Eli was born we all teased that he was her namesake, since the first three letters of their names are the same: E-L-I-(S-E) and E-L-I-(J-A-H). Now she is in Vegas preparing to (Hopefully!) come home with the Miss America sash, or at least some really good scholarship money. We have been watching COUNTDOWN TO THE CROWN on TLC each Friday night with her parents in preparation for what is to come. Go on line this Friday night and vote for her LIKE CRAZY! We want her to win a gold sash! She needs to be in the top 15 so she can share her talent on tv. She sings opera and is AMAZING!

Here's to you Elise. Best wishes from your 'second family' in Idaho! We will be cheering for you all the way! Make us proud!

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